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Donald Trump Claims Ivanka Has Created 14 Million Jobs

talkingpointsmemo: In the midst of an impeachment inquiry that’s about to enter its public phase, President Trump somehow managed to make another dubious claim that has nothing to do with it.

During his speech at the Economic Club of New York, Trump took the opportunity to brag about how his administration has created nearly 7 million jobs (according to the AP, 6.25 million jobs have been created since Trump took office) — and how his daughter Ivanka has somehow, in his mind, managed to double that number.

“I’m very proud of my daughter Ivanka,” Trump said. “And when she started this, two and half years ago, her goal was 500,000 jobs.”

The President then went on to claim that his daughter has created 14 million jobs without citing where he got that specific figure from.

“She has now created 14 million jobs and they are being trained by these great companies, the greatest companies in the world because the government cannot train them,” Trump said. “It’s a great thing.”

Last week, Ivanka Trump said in an interview that, unlike her father, she finds the identity of the whistleblower whose complaint sparked the impeachment inquiry “not particularly relevant.”

Watch Trump’s remarks below:

Source: Published by talkingpointsmemo

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