Princess Diana’s former body guard has said that Meghan Markle could be in danger.

Ken Wharfe believes that Meghan could be in danger due to her eagerness to interact with the public. Speaking about the fact that Meghan’s protection officer has stepped down, he said:

“To an outsider, the life of a Royal protection officer must seem impossibly glamorous – jetting off to exotic locations, rubbing shoulders with famous names and having the safety of one of the most recognised people on the planet in your hands.”

“But while aspects of that are true, guarding a member of the Royal Family is never easy. The demands are immense and you can’t relax for a moment.”

During his time with the royal family, Ken also protected Prince Harry and Prince William. He explained that while he loved his job, Diana wasn’t exactly easy to work for.

“Diana was hardly the easiest boss.”

“Like Meghan, she wanted to get close to people and to lead as ordinary a life as she could.” Something that for a royal, is not easily achieved.

However, we think that it’s great to see Meghan Markle mingling with the public. As long as she’s safe.


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