Dean Ambrose talks about his Love for Wrestling, Says Some People Are Only There For The Money

Dean Ambrose was a guest on Zack Ryder and Curt Hawkins’ podcast, The Major Wrestling Figure Podcast, where Ryder and Hawkins talk each week about collecting wrestling toys. Hawkins noted that Ambrose once overheard him talking about the podcast, and Ambrose was surprised about it. When Hawkins asked if he would be interested in being a guest, Ambrose replied, “f–k no!”

Ambrose noted that he didn’t understand the concept of a weekly podcast about wrestling figures. He said that he started reminiscing one day about his old action figures with Ryder and his eyes got bright, which led to him changing his mind on doing the show.

“It’s easy to forget that you love wrestling and why you started loving wrestling to being with,” Ambrose said. “It brought me back to my childhood.”

Ambrose talked about his first wrestling figures when he was a kid being of one of the Bushwhackers and one of the Headshrinkers. He admitted that it was a “trippy” experience when he saw his first own action figure.

“It’s trippy,” Ambrose said. “When you first make it to WWE, that’s one of those things where you’re like, ‘I’m going to be in a video game, I’m going to have a toy and everything,’ and it’s like, ‘whoa!’ It’s very cool.

“It’s still hard to wrap my brain around it sometimes that I’m even in WWE. Because you’re so used to just walking around and seeing Vince McMahon and Triple H walking around, like I’m so used to having conversations with Vince McMahon. It’s hard to remember like, ‘whoa, you were just a kid watching this on TV. It’s like, whoa!'”

Towards the end of the interview, Hawkins and Ryder thanked Ambrose for joining them and talk about toys, especially since he’s such a big star. Ryder and Hawkins noted how they’re living a childhood dream, and that a bad day of wrestling is still better than an office job.

“You guys are like me, there are a lot of people here that are just here for the money,” Ambrose stated. “They didn’t grow up watching it, they don’t care for what they do, they have no artistic care for what we do. But you guys are like me, this is all we’ve ever loved, this is our thing. Toys are a part of it.”

Ryder talked about how they’re living a childhood dream. Ryder and Hawkins didn’t have many real jobs, while Ambrose said that he had plenty.

“I had every job under the sun,” Ambrose recalled “Maybe six months might have been the longest that I could sustain a job anywhere because everything took a backseat to wrestling.”

Ambrose said that his wrestling bookings would get in the way of his day jobs and he’d eventually get fired.

Ambrose’s wrestling future is uncertain as WWE confirmed that he will not be signing a new contract when his deal expires in April. He last wrestled on RAW this past Monday night, losing to EC3.


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Ogali Christian
Ogali Christian
4 months ago

I Miss u Dean come back to. Wwe

Esther areo
Esther areo
4 months ago

We some people are their because of the money but roman reigns is their for fight

Steve mill
Steve mill
3 months ago

Dean Ambrose please come back to wwe