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Cuba calls for int’l mobilization to prevent war in Venezuela

The Communist Party of Cuba (PCC) on Friday called on Latin American political and social forces to slam war threats against Venezuela and support peace in the South American country.

In a statement, the PCC denounced “the escalation of U.S. pressures and actions” aimed at preparing “a military adventure disguised as humanitarian intervention” in Venezuela.

“This situation represents not only a real threat to the Bolivarian Revolution, but also to peace in the continent. Today is Venezuela, and tomorrow it will be Nicaragua, Bolivia or Cuba,” warned the PCC statement.

The document, published by the Cuban Foreign Ministry, said Washington should not underestimate the costs of an aggression against Venezuela as the “possibility of an extension of the armed conflict in the region would affect all the countries in the area and their social, economic and political sectors.”

“We face a typical threat of disguised imperialist aggression, whose main goal is the American appropriation of the largest certified oil reserves of the planet,” said the PCC.

According to the PCC, it is not only an attack against Venezuela, but a final onslaught against the leftist forces on the continent.

The party said defending the Bolivarian Revolution in Venezuela has become “the first trench in the struggle for Latin American sovereignty, social justice, peace with dignity, and unity.”

It called for a united international mobilization to show Washington “that the peoples of the continent do have a sense of its independence and sovereignty.”

The political situation in Venezuela has intensified after opposition leader Juan Guaido declared himself interim president on Jan. 23 and was immediately recognized by the United States.

The United States and other countries in the region, in coordination with the Venezuelan opposition, have declared their plan to deliver aid into Venezuela on Saturday. Venezuela has said it will block the delivery of U.S. aid which it believes is a pretext to launch a military incursion.

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