July 18, 2019

Court allows import of life-size s*x dolls

A Seoul appellate court has allowed the import of life-size s*x dolls into Korea, saying it does not violate the customs law that prohibits “morally degrading” items.

The decision is expected to affect the s*x doll industry here because it opens the door to overseas manufacturers.

The Seoul High Court overturned a lower court’s ruling on Monday, and ordered Incheon Main Customs to permit a Korean company to import silicone s*x dolls.

After Customs confiscated the dolls in 2017, the company brought the issue to the court.

The lower court ruled in favor of Customs, saying the dolls would “degrade the dignity of human beings.”

But the appellate court said the dolls ― although they seemed vulgar― would not violate the law that bans the import of morally degrading products.

“State interference in private matters should be minimized to protect the freedom and dignity of individuals,” the court said. “S*xual devices should not be treated the same as other obscene materials.”

However, there is no law in Korea that regulates local makers of s*x dolls. Team4U at Guri in Gyeonggi Province is the only known Korean manufacturer.


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