tvnz: Thai officials are investigating after a Canadian tourist fell more than 100 metres to his death when a zip line he was on snapped in Chiang Mai.

Spencer Charles, 25, was riding on the popular Flight of the Gibbon zip line attraction on Sunday when a cable snapped, sending him plunging into a creek below in Mae Kampong village, the Bangkok Post reports.

He was pronounced dead at the scene.

Local police suspect Mr Charles had been improperly secured to the zip line before the incident, as three cables had been used to secure him rather than the standard eight.

Initial police reports suggested Mr Charles had been over the operator’s recommended 125kg weight limit, but this was eventually ruled out.

The zip line was temporarily shut down after three tourists were injured in 2016. The company that operates the zip line has had its services suspended as local authorities continue to investigate the most recent incident.

Source: Published by tvnz


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