foxnews: A Bible said to have been signed by President Donald Trump sold this week on eBay for $325, according to the listing.

The eBay listing described the item as a 4.5-inch Bible signed by Trump using his full signature at a campaign rally in 2016.

The Hill reports the seller, GraphwizardCollectibles, originally listed the Bible for $525 before lowering the price.

The listing said the autograph was “fully authenticated” and included a Certificate of Authenticity. The seller indicated all the autographs are obtained in person “directly from the celebrity signers themselves.”

The Bible’s sale came less than a week after Trump signed Bibles for those impacted by a tornado outbreak in Alabama that killed nearly two dozen people. The president signed the books on Friday while visiting Providence Baptist Church, which is operating as a disaster relief center.

Source: published by foxnews


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