December 7, 2019

Benny Andersson Net Worth 2019 – Celebrity Net Worth

benny andersson's net worth

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Who’s Benny Anderson? Does the name ring a bell? I’m sure it doesn’t for most young people. How about ABBA, now that does ring a bell right? I don’t mean the biblical Abba father, I’m talking about ABBA, the Swedish pop group of back in the day. ABBA wrote songs like “I have a dream, a song to sing” which was popularized by Westlife in the late 90’s and early 2000s. Initially I thought that song was originally done by Westlife, until my father told me otherwise. And I guess that was my first introduction to ABBA.

So what’s the relationship between ABBA and Benny Andersson. Well, for starters, Benny’s name makes up one of the letters used to form the group ABBA. Benny Anderson was one of the founding members of the group. They are actually a quartet, two ladies and two men. Benny Anderson, Bjorn Ulvaeus, Agnetha Faltskog and then finally Anni-FridLyngstad. And together they were the best pop band the world ever saw. Do you know that at some point the men in the group were married to the women?

Some of their popular songs include “Dancing Queen”, “SOS”, “Chiquita”, “Winner Take’s It All”, and “Waterloo” amongst others.
Truly this is an article about Benny Anderson’s net worth. However, we can’t talk about Anderson without talking about ABBA, the two are almost inseparable. It will just be like trying to separate Bill Gates from Microsoft or Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. from American civil rights Movement.

Who’s Benny Andersson?

Göran Bror Benny Andersson is a Swedish musician and composer, and part of the band ABBA, he was born in 1946 in Stockholm, Sweden.
Benny grew up around music, his father and grandfather were one of the major reasons he began to love music. His father and grandfather both played the accordion and at age 6, he too started to play the instrument also.

He taught himself to play the piano at age ten and five years after that he left school to become a professional musician. Then he met his live long friend and his song writing partner Bjorn, this was in 66’. He was at that point keyboardist for the band called Hep Stars. The band was successful in the 60’s and made Benny into some sought of teenage idol.

In 1969 at a competition he met Anni-Frid, and then his friend met Agnetha. Soon they became a couple, Benny and Anni-Frid, Bjorn and Agnetha. The first letters of their first names were what they used to form the group, this was in 1972. The men did the song writing and production, while the ladies were the vocalists. They achieved mainstream success from 1974 until 1982, with the group releasing 8 studio albums.

How Much is Benny Andersson Worth?

According to reports, ABBA made somewhere around $800 million in there heydays a group. This was in the 10 years the quartet were together as a group. This came majorly from album sales and money earned from touring and concert. Each person got an equal share of the money. So that should leave with each person having an estimated share of $200million.

ABBA of course isn’t the only source of his income, but that was a huge leap for his $230 million net worth. All of which have come from his success as a musician and a song writer. Benny Anderson hasn’t stopped doing music. Even after the group split, he and his very good friend and former me band member Bjorn Ulvaeuscontinued to write music together.

The musicale and film Mama Mia was co-produced by these 2 inseparables, and of course the song Mama Mia was co-written the two of them. Benny and Bjorn didn’t stop there. They worked on the musical “Chess” alongside lyricist Tim Rice.They have done many other projects together, apart from these two.

Benny started his own band in 2001, called Benny Anderssons Orkester (BAO) now most of the music he does is for the band. A few others he does for film.

The 72 year old musician and his 3 other band members are getting ready for an ABBA tour in 2019, they’ve recorded two new tracks. This will even see Benny Andersson’s net worth rising from its current $230 million.

So Benny Andersson’s net worth is a combination of his earnings as an ABBA member, the money which the group still earns from royalties and also the money is BOA makes from their tours and concerts.

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