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Baby dies after mum took him to clubbing

nzherald: A British mum has been slammed by a judge for the “catastrophic” events that led to the death of her four-week-old baby.

A four-week old baby was killed after his mum took him to a nightclub and then drunkenly fell asleep on top of him, a court has heard.

Swansea Crown Court in Wales was told Marina Tilby, 26, went on a night out with her sister on March 31 2017, where she was seen repeatedly throwing and catching Darian in a nightclub.

After leaving the Sea Horse Inn in New Quay, she took the newborn back to a caravan with three men she had met — and later fell asleep on top of him.

Darian was found unresponsive with blood in his mouth lying next to his mum in the early hours the following morning, the BBC reports.

Tilby was jailed for two years and four months after admitting wilful neglect at Swansea Crown Court, with a judge branding the incident a “dreadful case of maternal selfishness” and slamming the mum for the “deliberate neglect”.

During the hearing, jurors heard how Tilby drank pints of Guinness with sister Lucy Williamson — before drinking bottles of port and gin at a caravan park in New Quay, Wales.

She then took baby Darrian back to a caravan after accepting an invitation from three men she’d met.  The pair had accepted an invitation to spend the night with three men after meeting in the pub.

Tilby fell asleep at 3:30am — and almost immediately rolled onto little Darrian. Within minutes Lucy noticed and rolled her off but Darian already had blood around his mouth.

Source: Published by nzherald

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