Babies make life more beautiful

femalefirst: A baby’s smile goes a long way: Ever seen a baby smile? Everyone around them can’t help but smile too. Their toothless grins are infectious and instantly put people in a better mood.

Babies are magnets for people: Put a baby in a room and people will gravitate towards the little bundle of joy to take a closer look. There is nothing that bonds people like a cute baby- babies bring people together when they would normally pass each other by.

Babies are wonderful ice breakers: I haven’t spoken to as many strangers as I have since taking my little girl out into the world. Even if it’s just to come up to me and tell me that she is beautiful. Babies ensure any barriers come down between people who’ve never met before.

Babies encourage nostalgic conversation: Whether the baby attracts strangers or family and friends, you can guarantee that the talk will turn to their own childhoods and how much times have changed since they were a baby or a parent themselves. It’s wonderful to walk down memory lane with them.

Babies don’t judge: Babies don’t care how you dress, how much you make, where you went to school or what your plans are for the future. All they care about is the love you show them. They have got their priorities in check.

Babies have excellent comic timing: When you’re feeling low, it’s totally inappropriate or in the wrong company for such antics, your baby will find way to make you smile. Whether they make a funny noise, do a well-timed bodily function or pull a face- they know how to break the tension.

Babies aren’t self-conscious: They are happy in their own skin. They don’t worry about how many fat rolls there are on their tummy, if they have milk around their mouth or if their hair is mess. They have a ‘take me as I am’ attitude and it’s a joy to behold. We could all do with being more baby from time to time.

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6 days ago

I got a kid myself. I remember when he was born, it was full of glamour right from when the doctor announced his birth. When we finally got home, a whole lot of people were waiting to welcome him home.His presence brought unity in my family