Arsene Wenger slams Manchester City, says They bought all my players

hitc: Arsene Wenger has spoken about Manchester City’s latest UEFA rule breach and stated his experience when managing Arsenal.

The Frenchman slammed City when saying that they bought all of his players when he was the Gunners manager.

Which would seem to hint at some frustration that the Manchester giants were allowed to do such a thing and get away with it at the time.

When Wenger was speaking at the Laureus Awards gala, the former Arsenal manager said this according to AS: “They bought all my players. The sport is trying to make the rules respected. If there is no respect for them, it is not a real sport.”

The former Gunners boss went on to say that City knew they had to follow the rules, especially when playing in a competition such as the Champions League.

The European club competition is said to have a prize pool of two billion Euros (£1.6b), so any rule breach will likely come with massive repercussions (AS).

“When you participate in a competition like the Champions League, you know that you are there because you have followed the rules.”

If the UEFA ban withstands any appeal from City, the current Premier League champions would be banned from competing in the Champions League until 2022 after this season.

Pep Guardiola’s contract expires in 2021, but according to BBC Sport, the Spanish manager intends to stay on with the club despite the ban.

Any dealing that Wenger might have felt hard done by have now caught up with Guardiola’s side, and all they can do now is hope any appeal will get them out of this hole.

Source: Published by hitc

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Anthony Anyanwu
Anthony Anyanwu
12 days ago

Truth be told he is speaking wat right they bought a lot of his talents

AREO Abiodun
AREO Abiodun
12 days ago

Yes, because Wenger is a business man not a coach

Omenogor Lucky
Omenogor Lucky
4 days ago

That’s not great.