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Americans wants to stop Russians from getting U.S visas

belsat: There are now plans to reduce the number of Russians in the Western Hemisphere and stop issuing them visas. A bill on the introduction of visa bans for Russians who support the authorities of Venezuela has been introduced in the US Congress. According to congressmen, Russia is the main ally of Nicolas Maduro, interested in supporting his dictatorial regime.

“The growing presence of the Russian Federation in the Western Hemisphere is causing concern to the United States and its allies in the region,” says the bill published on the US Congress website.

“Foreigners who are acting in the interests of the Russian government in support of the Venezuelan security forces are prohibited from entering the United States, obtaining a visa or other documents to enter the country.”

The author of the bill was the Senator from Florida, Democrat Debbie Wasserman-Schultz, known as an active opponent of Donald Trump’s policy, who participated in investigating the Kremlin’s influence on US elections.

In the Russian State Duma, this step was regarded as yet another failure of the American policy towards Nicolas Maduro.

“Of course, we can consider this decision, an attempt to adopt this document, as a weakness of Washington’s position, which cannot replay the situation in Venezuela,” said Dmitry Novikov, first deputy chairman of the Russian State Duma committee on international affairs.

The Kremlin does not recognize the chairman of the national assembly, Juan Guaido, who proclaimed himself president in January of this year. Russia believes that you need to help Nicolas Maduro to keep his post.

In Venezuela itself, the majority of citizens believe that Nicolas Maduro needs to leave. Almost 90% of respondents to a survey conducted by Megaanalysis were in favor of his resignation.

“Maduro, in fact, has fewer and fewer resources, and the question is how this will end. Some forecasts are very optimistic that there will be elections in which Venezuelans will express support for the leadership, which will be legitimate. A pessimistic forecast is a civil war,” says Yauhen Krasuli, an expert on non-European civilizations.

The Kremlin believes that no matter how dictatorial and bloody the regime is, it must be supported by any means, including force. It was this way in Syria, but Syria is far away, and the United States cannot afford to allow a military conflict at its side. So far they have been trying to solve the problem with diplomacy.

Source: Published by belsat

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