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Thanks for visiting Goal300. I believe this is for a purpose. Our team is always online to respond to all your queries within 24 hours or less.


Do you have a story? Do you want your story to be seen around the World, and get the opportunity to go Viral? Then Goal300 is the key, we will take your story, spin it around the World to potential Audience that will love to read about your story. Get your story shared on Social Platforms and eventually go Viral across the country and beyond. Contact Us Now to get your story exposed.


Are You an Artist or an upcoming? Do you have a great Music you want to promote to the right Audience, turning them into FANS? Remember, a Music without FANS is just a sound. Goal300 is here for you to ensure your Music is heard around the World, the more your Music is been streamed, the more it tends to go viral to the ears of the right audience. We give you the real experience of promotions using our social media platforms across the country. If your song can go viral, you stand the chance of gaining popularity, increasing your Fan base, getting invites to shows, as well as exposure to record labels. The key aspect of an artist is to be popular, which can be achieved with us through massive promotions, with that you get the chance or connect that will will uplift your musical career for the best. The same thing also applies to Video or Comedy Skits.


Promote your Business to the World, We will create and Advert Placement for your Business Ads to show on Goal300 depending on the Duration of time you want it to Run, thereby getting engagement from potential Customers to your Business. Contact Us Now to subscribe to this service.

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