Actress Tonto Dikeh admits she has been jealous of Mercy Johnson

According to her, their relationship turned sour only because she got envious of the mother of three – She revealed that it was because she thought Mercy Johnson was a better actress than her. Well it takes guts for anyone to admit wrong doing especially publicly.

Nollywood actress, Tonto Dikeh, seems to have eliminated all the ego in her based on her most recent post about Mercy Johnson. Talking about how their friendship turned sour, the 33-year-old actress stated in a post shared on Instagram that she has always been envious of Mercy and thought she was a better actress than her.

She revealed that it was what sparked her bad attitude towards Johnson in the past. However, all that is over now as she has realised that being one’s self instead of wanting to be someone else is the best way to live. Tonto’s post is making waves online and many fans have shown admiration for her confidence and peace-making spirit.

Recall that the feud between the two top actresses started with Tonto Dikeh’s angry outbursts on social media, in which she accused Johnson of being a neglectful mother.

It was back in 2013, after Mercy had her child and resumed acting when her daughter was only a few months old. Tonto claimed that Mercy abandoned her child when it needed her the most because of film-making. Johnson of course did not receive the insults well and it escalated into a dramatic social media brouhaha that made them sworn enemies.

Following her most recent statement, it is now clear that Dikeh was only envious of the screen goddess returning to the limelight. Luckily, they have patched things up and all that is now in the past now.

Meanwhile, recently, Dikeh took to weighing in on social media and the fake lifestyles it promotes. Tonto said that pictures were easily deceiving so Nigerians should beware of how easily they believe what they see.

According to the screen diva, no one should be distracted by the glamorous lifestyle of people rather they should stay focused on their own ambitions.


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