October 14, 2019
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Abducted’ wife of a billionaire may have been killed by now

Skynews: The wife of a Norwegian billionaire who vanished eight months ago in a suspected abduction could have been killed – and her kidnapping may have been faked to hide it, police have said.

Anne-Elisabeth Falkevik Hagen has been missing since 31 October.

She is the wife of property investor Tom Hagen and kidnappers reportedly demanded a €9 m (£7.8m) ransom after a note was found at the couple’s home, east of Oslo.

According to Norwegian media, it was to be paid in cryptocurrency.

It was initially said she had been abducted for an economic motive, but due to the absence of any signs of life and recent contact with the alleged kidnappers, investigators believe she may already be dead.

Norwegian police said on Wednesday that detectives have now changed their “main hypothesis” about the 69-year-old’s disappearance.

Chief police investigator Tommy Broeske said officers “cannot exclude” the idea that a kidnapping had also been staged to hide the victim’s death.

He added: “The most likely is that she has been exposed to a serious crime but we consider it less likely that we are facing abduction with an economic motive.

“The main hypothesis has been changed to that she has been killed,” he told reporters.

No motive for the alleged murder has yet been established, he added, and he declined to comment on whether any arrests have been made.

In January, Mr Hagen was contacted by his wife’s alleged kidnappers, but was given no indication that she was still alive.

They had contacted him via a digital platform that couldn’t be answered, his lawyer said at the time.

Mr Hagen is number 172 on a list of Norway’s wealthiest men and is estimated to be worth 1.7bn kroner (£152m).

Source: Published by Skynews

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