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9-year-old boy accidentally shot dead by his Father

independent: A 9-year-boy has died after his father reportedly shot him by accident while out hunting in South Carolina.

Colton Williams passed away on Thanksgiving morning in a hunting accident, South Carolina Department of Natural Resources (SCDNR) said.

His father accidently shot him while they were on a rabbit hunting trip, according to local media.

“We don’t blame him and never have blamed him for one moment,” Vince Furtick, Colton’s grandfather, told local TV channel WRDW.

“We know how much he loved his son,” he added.

Colton reportedly saved the lives of three children by donating his organs.

“We’re crying tears because we miss our grandson, and those families are crying tears because their child is saved,” his grandfather said. “That’s an amazing thing.”

Colton was hunting with his father and family friend in Springfield, Orangeburg County, when the accident happened, the Associated Press reported.

His family have donated to an SCDNR programme helping underprivileged children get into hunting.

“Colton’s life was all about hunting and fishing,” SCDNR tweeted, “and he would have loved the idea of giving to underprivileged children so they too can experience the outdoors just like he did.”

A GoFundMe page on the fundraising website has been set up to cover funeral expenses, with any extra donations going towards the youth programme.

There are also plans for a youth hunting day in the new year in honour of Colton.

Source: Published by independent

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