September 23, 2019

63 year old spends $68k to transform herself into a s*x goddess

A woman has revealed how she transformed into a s*xually liberated ‘goddess’ after losing 80lbs and having $68,000 worth of plastic surgery.

Writing under the pen name ‘Mrs. Hot,’ Laurel Sturt, 63, from New York City, has opened up about her s*xual awakening and wild exploits with younger men in her new memoir, ‘The Book of Hot: A Manifesto.’

‘The men were just the icing on the cake!’ Sturt told the New York Post of her physical and emotional transformation, which she insisted she had done mostly for herself.

The author, who was born in Michigan and now lives on Manhattan’s Upper East Side, will be celebrating her two year wedding anniversary next month with her husband, who is 35 years her junior.

But just seven years ago, she was feeling lonely and unlovable after spending more than two decades by herself.

Sturt was 36 years old when she got divorced and fell in love with a married Turk, having his baby two years later. As a single mother, she put love and romance on the back burner while focusing on raising her now-25-year-old son.

After 9/11, she traded her career in fashion to work at a high-needs elementary school in the Bronx, where she stayed for 11 years.

The stress of the job led Sturt to put on weight, and the designer turned teacher turned author wrote about her experience in her 2013 book ‘Davonte’s Inferno: Ten Years in the New York Public School Gulag.’

More than a decade of stress-eating had the mom tipping the scales at 242lbs by the time she was 56 years old.

‘You’re supposed to accept yourself, but it’s depressing looking in the mirror and not liking what you see,’ she told The Post.

Sturt made the decision to start focusing on herself, starting with her physical health. She traded junk food for vegetables and fruit and started working out.

The mother-of-one burned calories on her stationary bike and spent the time she was in front of the TV lifting free weights and doing yoga and crunches. She later added belly-dancing and kickboxing into her routine.

The author’s lifestyle changes led her to lose 80lbs in just two years, but her transformation was nowhere near complete.

According to The Post, she spent $25,000 on two face-lifts, with the second being done to correct the first.

She shelled out $8,000 for a breast and arm lift, $17,000 for a lower-body lift, $9,000 for a thigh lift, and $9,000 for blepharoplasty, a surgery that repairs droopy eyelids.

Sturt also splurged on a couple thousand dollars worth of fillers and Botox, which she said would have been more expensive if she didn’t seek out Groupons and other discounts.

Her new look gave her the confidence to join the dating site, but she didn’t have any luck at first when she posted her real age at the time, 58.


The transformed temptress said everyone told her that she looked much younger, so she decided to change her age to 43. That’s when a stream of younger men started pursuing her.

On her website, Sturt blogged about her s*xual exploits with the men, who were ‘not relationship material’ but made for fun encounters nevertheless.

When documenting the rendezvous for her fans, she used cheeky titles such as ‘Dave, Part XII: The Belle of the Blue Ball’ and ‘Anthony, Part V: The Feast of San Italian Sausage.’

‘I’m a gorgeous Goddess who transformed from drab to fab, rut to strut, and shot to hot!’ she explained on her site.

‘Fearless, edgy, and disruptive, I’m S*x and the City’s Samantha 2.0, now fully ripened—and that much more wise, joyous, and juicy. We’re not getting older, we’re getting bolder.’

Sturt’s Facebook page has nearly 250,000 followers, and while she is now in a monogamous relationship, she is still happily giving out advice.

In this year’s Valentine’s Day blog post, she wrote about the importance of being ‘your own biggest fan’ on the most romantic holiday of the year, revealing that she had ‘the hottest date ever, scheduled — a three-way between me, myself and I.’

‘I’ll start the day with drawing a large heart on my bathroom mirror with my Chanel Pirate Red lipstick, and writing inside it, “I love you!” I’ll have the vase ready for the red roses I ordered for myself, and after lovingly arranging them,’ she explained.

‘I’ll dress in a drop-dead chic ensemble and take myself to lunch at my favorite French restaurant, the most elegant and pretty in New York, La Grenouille,’ she continued.

‘I’ll have a massage, manicure, and pedicure, then after, shop for chocolate truffles at Jacques Torres, buy something slinky at La Perla and treat myself to a glittery trinket — it need not be Cartier — but it must be divinely frivolous and indulgent.’

Source: dailymail

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