50 Cent marked his return to Instagram

pinknews: Following his disappearance from Instagram, rapper 50 Cent has flooded followers’ feeds with content, including a transphobic meme.

Fans clocked that the artist’s account was deactivated last week, but 50 Cent is back and he’s taken aim at former G-Unit rapper, Young Buck.

The 44-year-old hip hop artist often uses his social media to troll his fellow musicians, and posted a meme of a man with a trans woman with ‘He doesn’t know yet’ slapped on the bottom.

“Buck type sh*t, nah, he know,” 50 Cent captioned, “LOL.”


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👀buck type shit, nah he know. LOL😆#lecheminduroi #bransoncognac

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The post, which has tallied more than 244,000 likes, has pulled criticism from the LGBT+ community. Mainly because there is literally nothing wrong with a cisgendered man dating a trans woman.

Moreover, the post coincided with Transgender Day of Remembrance, when trans folk and allies across the world pay respects to gender-diverse lives lost that year.

Around 331 trans and gender-diverse people were killed globally in the last year and 3,317 trans and non-binary people were reordered murdered since 2008, according to reports.

Young Buck has been continued target of 50 Cent’s anti-trans trolling.
It also came after 50 Cent posted a similar jeer at Young Buck, when he Instagrammed a picture of a woman urinating on the street along with the caption: “Rare pic of Young bucks old lady LOL.”

The singer, whose off-stage name is Curtis Jackson, has saved his sharpest barbs for Young Buck after an interview surfaced with him allegedly talking to a woman about an article saying he had sex with a trans woman.

Young Buck used to be a member of 50 Cent’s hip-hop group G-Unit.

In a since deleted Instagram post, 50 Cent ripped into Young Buck: “If your [sic] in a relationship with a tranny your [sic] gay. that’s a boy, Boy!!!

50 Cent has since deleted the post. (50cent/instagram)

It’s cool Buck you gonna be big down at the gay bars Give me a call,” added the rapper, who has more than 22 million followers on Instagram.

50 Cent has sparked controversy before with his comments about sex.

This isn’t the first time that 50 Cent has been criticised for one of his posts on social media.

In 2010, he told men who don’t have sex with women to “just kill yourself”.

The star tweeted: “If you [are] a man and your [sic] over 25 and you don’t eat pu**y just kill yourself damn it. The world will be a better place.”

It was not clear whether he was referring to gay men or simply straight men who don’t engage in oral sex.

Source: Published by pinknews

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Ojeah John Ekene
Ojeah John Ekene
1 month ago

I don’t support 50cent on this

Uche chinedu
Uche chinedu
29 days ago

50cent haba it too do for you

Uche chinedu
Uche chinedu
29 days ago

But I follow 50cent on Instagram but I don’t know that his account is not active since

Juliet Success
Juliet Success
21 days ago

That’s so uncalled for. I don’t support you on that

Ogunleye Oladele Samuel
Ogunleye Oladele Samuel
18 days ago

Come back boss

Aderibigbe Latifat Adeyinka
Aderibigbe Latifat Adeyinka
18 days ago

Welcome back boss

Ogunleye Gideon Ayomide
Ogunleye Gideon Ayomide
6 days ago