9news: Egypt says archaeologists have found the tomb of a noble from the time of one of the earliest pharaonic dynasties.

The Antiquities Ministry said Tuesday that the tomb uncovered in the Saqqara pyramids complex outside Cairo dates to the 5th Dynasty, which ruled the Nile Valley from 2388-2356 B.C.

Egypt frequently touts new archaeological finds, hoping to encourage tourism.

Excavation on the inner chambers of this tomb began after its discovery late last year.

The tomb belonged to a noble named Khuwy, Ahram Online has reported.

The paintings on the walls, depicting offerings, appear remarkably well-preserved, with much of the paint still intact.

The Saqqara district is believed to be where the civilisation of ancient Egypt began its building of ornate tombs that would most obviously culminate in the construction of the pyramids.

Source: Published by 9news


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