novinite: After 10 years, an asteroid called Apophis, with a diameter of 340 meters, will approach 31,000 kilometers from Earth, Sabah reported.

Although scientists are confident the asteroid will not hit the Earth, some have already begun to panic because the expected date of the asteroid is 13 April 2029, which is Friday 13th.

Scientist Richard Binsel said there was no way the asteroid could hit Earth, but would provide enormous data and help scientists develop precautions that can be taken if our planet is threatened by an asteroid in the future.

The asteroid will enter the Earth’s atmosphere over the Indian Ocean and head for the African continent.

After crossing the Atlantic Ocean and America, the asteroid will leave the atmosphere of the Pacific Ocean.

As it is predicted that the asteroid will pass very close, at least 2 billion people will be able to observe it with their own eyes.

Source: Published by novinite


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